The “ Friends of Music” Association was established in 2006 with the aim to spread, feature and organise cultural activities in the wider area of Sitia, as well as in order to support and encourage the artistic sensitivity and expression of everyone who takes part in the association’s activities. Since 2013, the club has been organizing the Mediterranean Radio Festival of Sitia in the beginning of July of every year. At the same time, the Association organizes musicals in cooperation with the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Sitia (“The Jasmine of the Moon” 2010, “Compote”2012, “Capetan Michalis” 2013, “Place of my Soul” 2014, “Compote : The Return” 2016, “The Unsmiling State and the Goblins” 2015, “Aristophanes who Returned from the Dead” 2017 and “Erotokritos”2018).

Furthermore, since 2015 it organizes and performs the act “The Music (ians) of Fire, which is integrated in the Carnival activities of the Municipality of Sitia. Moreover, the Association organizes concerts, Christmas events, carnival and artistic happenings, it decorates public areas and takes part in voluntary activities in town. The Association has offered and continues to offer part of its earnings for the financial aid of the Doctors of the Aegean, the Hospital of Sitia, the Association of the Friends of the Hospital of Sitia, the central hospitals of Crete as well as individuals in need of medical attention.