A newly formed musical ensemble is travelling through the traditional music of Greece from North to South. That is how a mixture of sounds is born, combining in a unique way the music from the East and West, in a medley of covers.

Christina Aggelidi will be on the piano, clarinet and the vocals. Nikos Avgoustinakis will be on the violin, Manos Lantzanakis will be playing the bulgari and Nikos Panou will be on the percussions.

Music (-ians) of Fire

A performance of percussions and brass instruments’ musicians, who dance and sing through their way out of the sea, and towards the stage of the festival.

Georgia Ntagaki

A show featuring passion and energy as its main characteristics, where Georgia together with her team will be presenting us with songs from her personal discography as well as songs from other very important composers, reaching up to our tradition. All these in a different way, through song covers with a perspective, a new sound and in a very particular and distinct way.

With her voice and her Lyra, she talks to our soul, in a course starting from the heart, goes through the clouds and ends up in a different town every time, “because we all live on a common Sphere in the Universe, making the same mistakes again and again”.



Mihalis Tzouganakis

Mihalis has taken elements from the music of his island, he updated them and combined them in his very own alternative way. He dared to sing with his special, extraordinary, unique in timbre voice and to play his lute in a manner that we had never imagined of in the past.

His presence is enriched by his on- stage coexistence with Alexandros Tzouganakis, a very promising young artist, who will present to us a part of his own songs together with songs of the traditional and contemporary Greek music scene in his own way.