Eirini Derempbei – Karolos Kouklakis


Traditional instruments, thiamboli and bulgari, create a musical blend of tradition and the new element, and narrate - in a unique way – stories about passion and desire.

Giorgis Manolakis – Couleur Locale

Innovation and dynamism in traditional sounds...

The band’s music is about personal compositions of G. Manolakis which acquire a new identity through his own improvisation in lute. Accompanied by N. Christopoulos’s rhythm section (percussions) and G. Kapetanakis (double bass).

Psarantonis –Niki Xylouri

Cry of Gods…

Psarantonis from Anogia, the so called “cry of Gods”, is self-taught in lyre . The ancient mythology of Crete comes alive through his music . By the power of improvisation, he manages to create an atmosphere of awe, frisson and agitation.

Niki Xylouri started singing in public at the age of seven, next to her father Psarantonis. She has participated in many musicals and records of well known Greek artists and composed music for documentaries.