Their sound balances a mixture of traditional as well as contemporary rhythms and timbres with an atmospheric psychedelic interaction, leading to an unorthodox musical result which derives from the local traditions. Their debut album, ANATOLI , was formed through different traditions and dialects of several indigenous folk , including compositions with an unconventional aesthetic mood, forming in this way a unique musical identity.


The traditional scheme Evritiki Zygia began appearing in local festivals and celebrations in 2007 aiming to save and evolve the Thracian musical tradition. It consists of primal musical instruments deeply rooted in the tradition and lives of the people of Thrace: The bagpipe, the Thracean lyre, the kaval, the davul. Their respect towards the style and the timbre that the previous generations handed over combines with the need for continuous creation and contemporary orchestrations, giving birth to the amalgam which accurately defines the music style of this band.


Agia Fanfara is a brass and woodwind instrument band consisting of a team of musicians from different backgrounds, who aim to spread the “Brass Religion” through festivals and musical rituals. With the cry “PAICHTE HALK” (PLAY BRASS) at the band’s concerts, there are mainly Traditional Hymns, Balkan Psalms and Gypsy Prayers to be heard. In other words, an amalgam of traditional rhythms and contemporary songs of Greece as well as of the wider Balkan Peninsula and the Eastern Mediterranean. With its presence, it supports the actions and initiatives which promote collectivity, self-organisation and solidarity.