Sitian Reminiscences

Today’s flourishing music scene of Sitian Music is present.
Violin: Nikos Priniotakis
Lute: Dimitris Nikakis & Thrasivoulos Aggelakis


Almoraima is a world music band based in Salento, Italy, which fuses flamenco and Middle Eastern sounds. The name of the group derives from a strip of land in Andalusia where Sindi gypsy tribes from Rajasthan, the moors from Maghreb, Jews and Spanish came together playing music.

The group which is lead by songwriter and guitarist Massimiliano Almoraima, resently welcomed the talented Alessia Tondo whose rich vocals and background in world music enhances the sound of Almoraima. The band is composed of percussionist Roberto Chiga, Argentinean cellist Federico Musaro, Cuban double bassist Pavel Ruiz Molina and Salentino trumpeter Giorgio Distante.

Almoraima has played over the world: India, Greece, Cyprus, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Cuba. Cape Verde, Spain, Turkey and beyond.



Himerini Kolimvites

Himerini Kolimvites as always thriving for the last 40 years with a comprehensive programme, which is formed depending on the composition of their audience, their disposition and cultural circumstance and reflects their great career.

Since 1979 when they started until today that they are continuing thriving, Himerini Kolimvites have their own loyal audience who always enjoy the renowned and beloved songs from their 8 discs which they rarely play live, fresh songs, relevant songs and some others which might be considered irrelevant but at the same time, maybe more relevant than ever.


Gadjo Dilo

Gadjo Dilo is a band that has combined the music of the legendary gypsy swing guitarist Django Reinhardt with the 50’s and 60’s Greek music. By mixing these two different cultures and experimenting on more jazz sounds, they perform covers of famous Greek songs, written by some of top Greek composers and thus, create their own truly original genre, Manouche De Grec.

Their live performances release the magic of the gypsy jazz tradition, giving off a Greek scent and reviving an older era. Gadjo Dilo communicate their energy to the audience and inspire everyone to dance and sing along. Their live set also includes American jazzstandards songs and French songs of the Interwar Years.