Lex Orandi

A plea to Gods and humans

The quest for plain music paths from the land of Ionia is a search for the two musicians. Longing of a motherland which is not lost but struggling to revive in our heart through sound.


Sephardic Jewish songs of the Balkans

Markab Trio remix and perform the Sephardic songs of Salonica’s and the Balkans’ Jews in a unique way. These songs carry all the artistic and social life of the region, since till the begging of the 20th century, the abundant Jewish community sealed all aspects of life through their language and of course their songs.

Music (-ians) of Fire

Singing and dancing with percussions and torches…

A performance of percussions and brass instruments’ musicians, who dance and sing through their way out of the sea, and towards the stage of the festival.


Music of Pontos, Black Sea and the Balkans

Αrgatia in pontiac dialect means solidarity, mutual assistance through volunteer work. Argatia is a band from Salonica, developing international collaboration with musicians from the Mediterranean and the Balkans, having as a starting point the historical music creation of the Greek communities of Pontos and the Black Sea.


On Arabic and Armenian rhythm and melodies

Haig Yazdjian is of Armenian origin, born in Syria. He lives and works in Greece since 1980. There, he discovered the enchanting elements of eastern music and he soon became a well known lute soloist and a virtuoso singer whose soulful voice touches audience. He has collaborated with many important Greek composers and singers, and soloists of international reputation.