The young, alternative group, with the multi-cultural sound…

Bandallusia is a new band on the Greek alternative scene. After years of street performing and experiencing different music styles, they now remix traditional and rebetiko songs mostly. Drums, bass, electric guitar, coexist with flute, trumpet, lute, baglamas, traditional percussions, etc.

Dilek Koç

From Istanbul, with spice and cinnamon

Dilek Koç comes from Antalya, Turkey. She graduated from the Architecture College of Istanbul Polytechnic and the Aristotle University of Salonica. A great landmark in her career was her participation in the soundtrack of the movie “A touch of spice”, on Evanthia’s Reboutsika music. Dilek Koç and her band present many songs that come from the melting pot of the artistic production of the East.


From Trace, to Crete…

Thrakomelo is a new band which studies and promotes the music tradition of Thrace, Northeastern Greece. The members of the band are all graduates of the Folk and Traditional Music College.